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An Elemental Shift in How We Use Energy

As countries around the world move away from fossil fuels to combat climate change, hydrogen is key to enabling this transition.

~95% of the hydrogen produced in the world today is derived from fossil fuels.  So while hydrogen itself is a clean alternative, the fact that most of it comes from fossil fuels makes using this hydrogen counterproductive.


An increasing amount of hydrogen is being generated from clean source (e.g. through water electrolysis using renewable or low-carbon electricity)

CertifHy Canada acts as a third party to verify and Guarantee the Origin (GO) of Green (renewable) or Blue (low-carbon) hydrogen.  CertifHy will generate GO certificates that allow consumers to know the hydrogen they are purchasing is clean. Learn more...

CertifHy Canada will also act as an intermediary in the transaction or trading of GO certificates. Learn more...

Give Consumers a Choice



Retailers offer consumers different grades of gasoline with premium grades burning cleaner and extend engine life.






Retailers can offer consumers different grades of hydrogen.  All "burn" clean, but the premium grades are cleaner from "well-to-wheel" and extend the life of a livable planet.


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