Hydrogen carbon intensity verification services.

Under the VerifHy brand, CertifHy Canada offers lifecycle assessment services to its customers.
Typically the LCA performed conforms to ISO 14040 standards, but if there are alternative requirements we are here to work with you. 

Certification vs Verification

Certification is applicable when there is a known standard or specification whereas verification involves examination, inspection, testing, and reviewing a product to establish that it meets specifications or is fit for purpose.

As Canada does not have a certification scheme to certify against at this time, CertifHy Canada can perform a verification of the hydrogen's carbon intensity. If you are looking for certification services we are happy to explore how we can work with the certification body to meet your needs.

Hydrogen Colour

There is a lot of discussion about the colour of hydrogen. First, hydrogen is a colourless gas, the colour of the hydrogen is a coding scheme used to identify the source of the hydrogen's production.  Unfortunately, there is no commonly agreed-upon definition and in Canada the government is focusing more on carbon intensity than how the hydrogen was produced.  Generally, what the colours are becoming associated with is as follows:

Hydrogen Colours

Produced by extracting hydrogen from natural gas through steam-methane reformation 

Produced by extracting hydrogen from fossil fuels, usually coal using gasification. 

Produced from electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable sources. Zero carbon emissions. 

Grey or Brown hydrogen with CO2 sequestered or repurposed. 

Produced by electrolysis using nuclear power. 

Produce by electrolysis using grid electricity. 

Produced by thermal splitting of methane (methane pyrolysis). Solid carbon. 

Produced as a by-product of industrial processes. 

Gold hydrogen is produced biologically and in the subsurface.


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